What is Robusta Coffee?

What is Robusta Coffee?

You may wonder how we can make our coffee extra energizing. We don’t add caffeine or anything to it; instead, we make use of a type of coffee bean called robusta.

Though you may not have heard about this before, there are different types of coffee- the truth is, there are several species of coffee. Currently, we usually consume the varieties arabica and robusta, and subvarieties of these two.

There are actually dozens of different coffee species, most of them native to Ethiopia, and many that are still unaccounted for.

So let’s talk today about robusta coffee, what’s different about it and why we love it so much:


Differences Between Robusta and Arabica


  • Caffeine content. The most important difference between these two is their caffeine content. While Arabica coffee has a content of 1.5% caffeine, Robusta almost doubles that at 2.7% caffeine per bean.
  • Robusta plants are taller, reaching between 4 to 6 meters in height. Arabica plants pale by comparison at a mere 2 meters tall.
  • Arabica is fragile although coffee is in such high demand, the amount of coffee we can drink is largely dictated by how much we can actually grow. Arabica is an incredibly fragile variety of coffee that is very sensitive to climates that are anything other than mild. Sunlight exposure can damage it and its susceptible to disease, particularly coffee leaf rust.

    Robusta, on the other hand, can withstand more extreme temperatures and is naturally resistant to pests and disease.
  • Chlorogenic acid content. Coffee is the western diet’s most important antioxidant source. Antioxidants keep us young and healthy as well as ward off diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s- which is why it’s so important to drink your daily coffee. Robusta doubles the content of chlorogenic acid, making it healthier in this respect.

Caffeine and Robusta


So what’s the deal with caffeine?

Caffeine could be the main reason that we consume coffee. Or, at the very least, caffeine was why coffee was discovered. Legend has it that an Ethiopian farmer saw his goats feeding upon coffee berries and they became electric and energetic. It wasn’t until much later that extracting the beans, roasting and making a beverage from that was actually invented. At first, we were interested in caffeine.

And even though coffee can be absolutely delicious and a gift from the heavens even when not accompanied by milk or creamer, the truth is that many of us have a lot of interest in caffeine. It helps us beat morning and daytime sleepiness. It makes us more focused in the workplace.

Which is why it makes much more sense to use Robusta- or at least a bigger amount of it. It has a much higher caffeine concentration, so you get more bang for your buck, as they say.


Advantages of Robusta


So, to summarize, here’s why we love Robusta coffee:

  • It has more caffeine.
  • It’s easier to grow (which means lower prices and more availability of premium varieties!)
  • Higher antioxidant content

And, of course, because we love our coffee strong. So get our Robusta-packed blend so that you, too, can enjoy bold and strong Big Dick’s.

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