Top 5 Brewing Methods for Caffeine Junkies

Top 5 Brewing Methods for Caffeine Junkies

What is a caffeine junkie? Well, caffeine junkies are normal people like you and me. The only difference between a caffeine junkie and a regular person is that they have a close relationship with coffee, and they would do pretty much anything short of snorting ground coffee to get their daily fix. 

So, for all you caffeine junkies out there, here’s the ultimate list ranking the best caffeine-delivery methods. It is a top 5 that takes into account not just the raw amount of caffeine, but also other vital points like how convenient and practical it is. 


Espresso is the only item on this list that is absolutely obvious. But espresso needs a close examination and reevaluation. The traditional way of drinking espresso has for decades been simply going to the coffee shop. This is not ideal in any way. 

First off, you don’t know what kind of coffee they have at the coffee shop. It might taste bad or it might not have as much caffeine as a 100% robusta coffee, for example, if that’s what you’re into. 

Secondly, it can be both expensive and impractical. Having to drive somewhere to get your fix can prove to be a nightmare, and it’s a daily coffee routine which you know will only get more expensive. 

So, traditional espresso doesn’t cut it. What options are left? Home espresso machines. And yet, some of them can also be impractical because they’re hard to operate and can be very annoying to clean and maintain in general. 

For a caffeine junkie, your best option is to get a single-serve espresso machine. You get your espresso with just one button, there’s hardly any waiting involved, and you can buy refillable and eco friendly capsules so you can brew whatever caffeine-heavy coffee you usually drink. Win-win!


Cold Brew

It is estimated that a cup of cold brew can have anywhere from 120 mg to 280 mg of caffeine. 120 mg is the usual for a cup of coffee, while 280 mg is on the high end of the spectrum. It is on par with espresso. 

But that’s not the only reason why cold brew is a good option for caffeine junkies. As you may have noticed already from the burning sensation in your stomach, coffee has a very acidic pH. So, for caffeine junkies who drink a lot of coffee, acid reflux is very much a reality. And every sip of coffee simply exacerbates the problem.

Luckily, cold brew has a higher pH, meaning it is not as acidic as regular coffee. That means that cold brew is much easier on your stomach than espresso while having relatively the same caffeine content. 

 moka pot with coffee

Moka pot 

The moka pot is one of the oldest inventions, save for the French press, that is still popular today for home use. It is particularly popular in France and Italy, as well as in all of Latin America including Spain. 

Why is it so popular?—there are two simple reasons. 

The first reason is because it is very simple to use. Anyone can use a moka pot and get it right the first try. After a few uses, you can just rely on muscle memory to brew your coffee. Plus, the moka pot is able to brew coffee in just about three minutes even when taking preparations into account. 

The second reason is that the moka pot makes a unique flavor profile. It is a concentrated coffee that will remind you of espresso but at the same time has a different, brighter taste. And it is made for drinking black. 

making coffee with aeropress


The Aeropress has been a godsend for caffeine junkies all over the world. This relatively new invention allows you to make very concentrated coffee with relative ease and in just a few minutes. 

However, the best thing about the Aeropress is that you can experiment a lot with it. Something that can’t be done with espresso or the moka pot, for example, is leaving the grounds to steep for a longer time. The Aeropress lets you do this and, in doing so, you can maximize the amount of caffeine that is extracted. 

You can also play with different grind sizes. Because even though we’re caffeine junkies, that doesn’t mean we don’t like tinkering with our coffee and experimenting to try and get a better flavor. 


Drip Coffee Machine

Surprise, it’s drip coffee! Seems like just a vestige of a bygone era… or is it? 

The drip coffee machine is incredibly effective for brewing large quantities of coffee. It brews a whole pot of coffee with little more than just the push of a button.

And you can passively brew coffee, unlike with all others on this list. Push the button, leave it brewing, go work, workout, or whatever it is normal people do when waiting for their coffee to be done. 

Drip coffee is a great solution that supplies you with a steady source of coffee throughout the whole day. 

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