Brew Guide: V60 Pour Over

Brew Guide: V60 Pour Over

If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive method of brewing coffee that produces excellent results, it’s hard to look past the V60 pour over. It’s the method I use most days, taking just a few minutes and offering a really clean sediment free cup of coffee.

The V60s are available in plastic, metal, and ceramic material. I personally prefer the plastic ones. They are cheap, retain the heat very well, and don’t smash to pieces if you drop them on the floor. You’ll also find a variety of filters available, I tend to opt for the unbleached natural paper type, but I suggest trying a handful and seeing which works best for you.

What You'll Need

  • V60 Brewer
  • V60 Paper Filters
  • Ground Coffee
  • Hot Water
  • Scoop or kitchen scales

The Method

  1. First up, get your kettle on. Wait for it to boil then wait a couple of minutes for the water to cool down a little.

  2. Once the water is ready, place a filter inside the V60 and give it a rinse, with your coffee cup or jug underneath. This helps remove any residual flavours which may be lurking on the paper, and gives it a good warm up.

  3. Measure out your coffee and put it in your V60. You’ll need around 2 scoops per cup (20g if you have scales). Give it a quick tap to make them as flat as possible. Now carefully pour just enough water to wet all of the grounds, and give it a very quick stir. This is called the bloom, and will release a lot of the gas trapped inside the grounds.

  4. After around 30 seconds, pour in 50% of the total water you’ll be using in a circular motion from inside to out, making sure to wet all of the grounds evenly.

  5. After around 90 seconds, add the remaining water in the same way, and give your V60 a very gentle swirl (be careful not to burn yourself!). This swirl will help keep all of the grounds at the bottom of the filter, and stop them sticking to the sides.

  6. Your coffee should be ready within 2 – 4 minutes. 🙂

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